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Postcard from North Queensland

July 14th, 2015

An escape from the Melbourne winter for two weeks in Cairns. The shock of coming from a balmy 27 ºC and stepping back onto the Tulla tarmac at 7 ºC was quite considerable!

Spelling paddock highlights included the pleasant view from the balcony of our comfortable lodgings on The Esplanade; the black bat flower (Tacca chantrieri), a native to tropical SE Asia, at the botanical gardens; and the Tully gumboot. The height of the gumboot is equivalent to the highest annual rainfall of 7.83 metres in 1950. The most rainfall recorded in one 48-hour period was 1.32 metres in March 1967. A pretty wet place!

I got home to find 36 millimetres in my rain gauge. A deluge! Nearly need my gumboots!



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