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Flemington Andrew Ramsden Stakes

May 13th, 2023

Another golden ticket into The Cup up for grabs. Gai already has one with Goldman’s win in the Roy Higgins, and now she is after a second with the hot favourite White Marlin. I scored the horse as head in, chewing on the bit, and slightly salivating. I know it had two strappers, but I thought the second strapper was just decorative and not really required. The winner Lunar Flare looked great, with the red muffs and bubble cheeker, but had the cross-over noseband and was twisting its neck. I crossed out Hasta La War in the parade ring as it was a head up horse with a fast gait and was calling out. I took the $1.50 for the place on the favourite, well below my normal limit!


White Marlin set a hot pace, which was too hot, and paid the price when Lunar Flare charged home to win the ticket. Bring on spring!

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