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Postcard from Coburg

September 8th, 2016

It’s not exactly the Gold Coast but the weather today in Coburg is a balmy 23 degrees! I’m here at the John Fawkner Hospital for a bit of a poke around in my colon. It’s a quick procedure but I’m last on a long list and suffer an interminable wait. But it’s worth waiting to find out that there are no nasties lurking about in there. Home after five hours to three lawn mowers attacking the nature strips in our street. Oh! The smell of cut grass! Spring! It can’t be long now, can it?

And oh! I’ve just read about the common side effects following day surgery, including impaired ability to concentrate. And the guidelines following an anaesthetic. Do not consume alcohol! And do not sign legal documents or make important decisions! Is a blog a legal document? I am having a lot of trouble concentrating!

Hope to be back for the Turnbull Stakes.


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