What they are saying about Watching More Racehorses:

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“This book is an absolute GEM. Forgetting the valuable advice you pass on to punters at the parade ring looking for the likely contenders…….your wit and humour is evident in every chapter.” Gary Howard, Quantong, Victoria

“That first night upon receiving the two books I was up until 5.00 am in the morning reading. I found it very interesting and I know I can put the information to good use!” Paul Reinicke, Garden City, NY, United States

By word of mouth:

“A magnificent read, highly amusing and entertaining, an awesome addition to horse racing literature” Roman Kozlovski, form analyst

“Geoffrey is the real deal” Alan Ralph, veteran punter


Richo: “Do you like it?”

Geoffrey: “I love it. First of all it’s great for your health. Walking from the birdcage to the mounting yard, to the bar, putting a bet on, finding a spot to watch the race and then back to the birdcage – it’s all good for you. Then you have the mental stimulation of watching these great creatures, plus the humans around them. I’ve had a few health scares over the journey so watching racehorses is probably keeping me alive!” Paul Richards, The Winning Post

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What they said about Watching Racehorses:


“This book is the most outstanding and useful general text on observing pre-race horse behaviour that I have yet read….New and serious horse players alike, who attend the track and are not too proud to be open to learning more, will gain immensely from this book.” Tony Acciano, for the High Stakes Bookshop

“This reader found herself laughing out loud in parts of the book, finding it difficult to put down. However, I would warn prospective readers about adult themes and coarse language within the book” Helen Moreland, On Course, The Victorian Bookmakers Association Magazine

“The potential impact of this book is considerable since the track may once more become populated by serious horse watchers” Dr Paul McGreevy, RIRDC Equine Research News


“There have been great libraries filled with fresh works on horse racing’s sexier theories on how to pick winners and greater dustbins to which the vast majority have eventually been consigned. But a set of ideas, based in science, and pointing the way to picking losers is new, strangely respectable and something every punter knows he or she is capable of understanding” Alan Aitken, South China Morning Post

“In less than 24 hours I had read all 234 pages and been totally fascinated by what Geoffrey had written……… yourself a favour and grab a copy” Paul Richards, Winning Post

“Above all go to the races. Real horse watchers can only be found on course” Rebecca Allison, The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand

“I have watched this man’s behaviour for almost two decades now – and I have always been impressed. And his writing is just as impressive. Watching Racehorses is a great read.” Ellie Bradbeer, Flemington Kensington News

“That’s why Watching Racehorses is so important. It is the best work on the subject” Max Presnell, Sydney Morning Herald

Watching Racehorses is the “bible” you need if you’re to be as successful at just looking as the good doctor” Jon Hudson, Practical Punting Monthly


Neil: “Well, it’s death or glory, Geoff. What are you going to back?”

Geoff: “I’ll put it on the 8, Command Force”

Neil: “Well, he’ll either be a hero or back out bird-watching” Neil Kearney, Channel 7, Stakes Day telecast – Command Force finished down the track

Mike: “So at the end of the day, you’re up and the TAB is down”

Geoffrey: “Yes, I win four meetings out of five”

Mike: “And that is what the whole game is about”

Geoffrey: “Precisely”

Breakfast with Mike Hosking and Kate Hawkesby, TV One, New Zealand

“Fascinating. I just think it is amazing” Pete Smith, Red and Black, CTV, Christchurch

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“Reading this book has given me a whole new eye for the horses. I now frequent race tracks, yards and stables – it’s a brave new world, Geoff. Let’s hope we all don’t get caught.” Graeme Anderson, Hamilton, NZ

“I’m convinced that Geoff is the real deal when it comes to tips; yesterday on the Melbourne Cup he gave my work colleagues and I the TRIFECTA!! Yep, he tipped all 3 placegetters from the mounting yard. Thanks, Geoff (bottle of wine on its way!)” Darren Jones, Sydney, NSW

“Front photo is a bit frightening…..whose suit did you borrow? But inside, well….a feast of entertainment. Brilliant. Splendid.” Professor Robin Dunbar, Liverpool University

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