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Flemington Super Saturday

March 9th, 2019 3 comments

I had a losing day. So near, and yet so far! In the Newmarket Sunlight looked fine but the favourite was nowhere to be seen. Then at the last minute Osborne Bulls was whipped in and straight out onto the track without even a circuit of the yard. Very disappointing not to display the favourite for such a big race. I caught a brief glimpse, but no see, no bet.

In the Australian Cup I really liked that unreliable conveyance, So Si Bon, but now much improved since losing his undercarriage. Head down, positive strapper, fit, and showing $6 for the place. The horse flashed down the outside and it looked like he had got up for third, but somehow Trap For Fools had held on. Losing is so much more painful when you think you have won!

3 Responses to “ Flemington Super Saturday ”

  1. Neswick says:

    Randwick Saturday was a Tale of two strappers in the two year old races.
    Tenley: two strappers, relaxed,steady walk,focussed prancing.

    Time to Reign: two strappers, running around ring, pushing strappers ,ring bit hold,big sloppy dump, sweating.

  2. Trevor Murrells says:

    Geoffrey’s view is that two handlers is generally good, although I do like Neswick’s observations. Sometimes you see negative behaviour build from the parade ring to the mounting yard and an additional strapper is deployed to calm the situation. So if that horse becomes calmer with two strappers that’s a good thing although I would still have some reservations.

  3. Geoffrey says:

    So – be careful!

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