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Flemington Black Caviar Lightning Day

February 16th, 2013 0 comments

I’ve been photographing that backside for some time now. The view that the also-rans see. And there have been some eloquent descriptions of it lately. The horse’s biographer, Gerard Whateley, regards Black Caviar as “powerful rather than beautiful”, and the legend of the turf , Bart Cummings, said she possessed “the neck of a duchess and the arse of a cook”. I’m not sure how flattered Princess Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall feels now, since others have been known to make rather unkind references to her horsey appearance. I think it is more likely a reference to the priceless jewels that normally adorn that lovely neck. But all the cooks on Masterchef are now looking over their shoulders in the mirror and asking “Does my bum look big in this?”

There were heaps there. Fans galore. So many that I couldn’t see her saddled up in the stalls, let alone in the mounting yard. I’ve never seen so many around the yard, not even on Cup day. How I love the mobile phone salute! But I’m still struggling to understand it all. I mean, a horse is just a horse. And they all went home after the race and didn’t even have to collect at the tote because they didn’t bet. They just want to be a part of history. But I was there too. A part of history.

Congratulations to Pete on the trifecta and the new course record.


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