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Turnbull Stakes Day

October 3rd, 2010 1 comment

My equilibrium has been quite unbalanced. It throws you right out of whack, racing on a Sunday. I was already unsettled by the Collingwood premiership, and was fearing for the worst. Would Flemington be overrun by hordes of tattooed, toothless bogans? My fears turned out to be quite unfounded. I only saw two people in Collingwood jumpers down at the parade ring, and both had all their teeth, although one was in fact tattooed. I have also learnt that a sleeve is not something on the end of a shirt, but a technicolour tatt that covers the whole arm of a Collingwood supporter.

I was already unbalanced because I had lost $100 before I even arrived on course. On Saturday The Missus dispatched me to Vic Market with two fifties for my wallet to do the fruit and veggie shopping. When I opened my wallet to pay for the oranges the $100 had vanished into thin air. It makes you question yourself. Did I put them in the wallet in the first place? Maybe I was done over? Snitched? Maybe my brain has broken? It’s a funny, peculiar thing – I can lose $100 at the races and it doesn’t even register, but at the market? I think it’s the not knowing that nags you. The mystery. How the hell? Much better to lose it on a horse.

So, again, a pretty quiet day. The Turnbull was too hard. I was left with Shocking, Zipping, Zavite, Metal Bender, Zabrasive, Faint Perfume, Jessicabeel, Dariana and Descarado all looking good. My top fancy was Faint Perfume. Zipping was terrific and I was half tempted since I backed him in the Australian Cup. But in the end no bet. Only one bet for the day on the Sydney horse Strawberry Field which got up for third at $4.30. So my 100% strike rate is still intact for the new season. I just need to get settled, find my balance, and have a few more bets.

PS. Where’s Wally?

One Response to “ Turnbull Stakes Day ”

  1. Laurie says:

    A tattoo’ed tooth?

    Amazing, never seen that.

    Who said I was behind in reading your blog. Never!

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