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The Melbourne Cup

November 2nd, 2010 3 comments

I take up my position on the mounting yard rail at 2.15 pm. A 45 minute wait. Shocking looks good, but still not as fine as last year, and The Champ is relaxed. Zipping is the same old Zipping, but I don’t much fancy nose rolls so I put the pen through Campanologist, Illustrious Blue, Buccellati and Profound Beauty. And I don’t like Monaco Consul’s combination of crossover noseband and pacifiers. Linton was kicking back in his stall, and Tokai Trick has three strappers, probably one more than necessary. Shoot Out has his head up. Descarado looks terrific, Americain is a striking horse, with what we horse watchers call “presence”, Harris Tweed looks snaky. The rain interrupts and ruins my note taking. I puzzle long and hard over Manighar and Holberg and finally decide that Holberg is too small and light to stand up to the rigours of a rough Cup. My final six in racebook order are Shocking, The Champ, Americain, Descarado, Manighar and Maluckyday.

Into the tote hall, which is deserted as usual – two minutes before the jump. I back The Champ for a place. Everyone criticizes me for being boring and conservative, but $2.00 the place seems exceptional value to me about a 2/1 chance. I never have exotic bets, but in a rush of blood I box six in the trifecta.

The rest is history. The Champ gets third and the trifecta pays a miserable $300 instead of $3000. But two bets for two wins on the Cup? Who would ever complain about that?

3 Responses to “ The Melbourne Cup ”

  1. Tom says:

    enjoying your blog – heard you on abc 720 (perth), a few days back and was intrigued. will grab a copy of your book soon. happy punting!

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Well done – and I thought everyone was asleep at 6.20 am!

  3. thomas says:

    geoff do u still use your “rank” prices from your 1992 turf monthly article.

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