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The Melbourne Cup

November 1st, 2022 2 comments

It’s cold and wet. So cold and wet that I have to break out the heavy duty winter coat and beanie! I need six for my trifecta. First cab off the rank is Young Werther, still kicking and pawing in his stall as he was before the Turnbull. Vow and Declare looks fine, but has had his chance. The favourite Deauville Legend looks good, relaxed, with a lot of folk fussing around him. Ciaron Maher has five runners, but they are all muddled up in the wrong stalls. Gold Trip is easy to pick out. Imperious, dominant. Smokin’ Romans is still weaving. High Emocean is relaxed. Gai’s horse Knights Order is beautiful, relaxed, licking and lolling. The Chinese pony Hoo Ya Mal looks out of place with the big boys. Serpentine is parading with his head up and showing teeth and Emissary is nice and relaxed. I don’t like Duais with a smoking strapper and Montefilia is fit and parading head down, but with two strappers. Realm Of Flowers is in. So I have five – Gold Trip, Knights Order, Montefilia, Deauville Legend and Realm Of Flowers. Half an hour left and I need one more. I go and have another look at Emissary. Still looks fine. High Emocean walks past, head in, looking great. Number six.

Time to bet. First the trifecta, then the place bet on the favourite, a class above them. It is showing $3.50 on the tote but only $2.00 with the books. Why is that? Hmmm. I decide to split my bet. Half on the fave with a 1.10 multiplier and half on Gold Trip at $6.00 fixed.

They come thundering down the straight. For a moment there it looked like all three bets would get up, but Emissary spoiled the party. A good day, but I should’ve gone seven in the trifecta.

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    No fresh posts, hope all is as well as can he.

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    …………woops, too slow, rhere’s a new post done at the same time. Yay!

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