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The Blue Diamond

February 25th, 2017 0 comments

My first day back after an extended break, so I’m feeling pretty rusty and not planning any betting heroics. Just going to ease back into it. I arrive late on the track but in time for the third race and straight away I’m confronted with a problem. Gai’s horse Farson looks an absolute standout but is showing $2.20 for the win and $1.20 for the place. Should I break my rules and back it to win? Common sense soon returns and I remember that I am rusty and just easing back into it. Settle Geoffrey, settle. Just watch! Farson wins with one leg in the air. The Blue Diamond was too hard and Extreme Choice looked good in the Oakleigh Plate, but I was saving myself for the last race, the mares. Another problem. Two standouts, is that a contradiction? Miss Rose De Lago and Silent Sedition. Miss Rose is perfect with head in to the strapper and Silent Sedition has the ear muffs, two strappers and is quietly snorting. Which one to back? The problem is solved for me by the prices with Silent Sedition showing $1.30 and Miss Rose $2.10 for the place. I wasn’t entirely comfortable backing Miss Rose. She is a big and bulky mare that has trouble finding that little bit of acceleration over the final 100 metres. But that price is good. Silent Sedition led from pillar to post and Miss Rose ran on quite well to just hang on by a nostril for third. I was happy with the $2.20 payout and pleased to be back in business. Home and my thigh muscle went into a spasm and cramped up. I was in agony after all that walking. The rust obviously needs more oil!



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