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Stakes Day

November 6th, 2010 0 comments

At last, a decent day and a dry track. Stakes Day, Family Day, Kids Day, Final Day. The frozen cocktail bar has gone and in its place is a lolly shop! I don’t mind all the rugrats for one day in the year. We need to train the next generation of punters and fashionistas and initiate them when they are young. I even tripped over some slurping on my old favourite, the Slippery Sam.

It’s been a miserable carnival and I finish it off in a miserable way. I tried to photograph Hay List’s leg wound, but failed dismally when it was obscured by shadows. And I thought Drumbeats looked very solid in the main race, but he never looked likely and finished sixth. And I was quite taken with the appearance of the Godolphin horse in the Queen’s Cup, nearly asleep in her stall. And some special treatment with wood shavings for bedding. Her mane had been plaited, which I normally deduct marks for, as it suggests a show pony and a strapper’s horse rather than a racehorse. But because it was a mare I was forgiving. Eastern Aria finished an average seventh.

So two bets for two losses to round out a very average week, and a modest profit over the carnival.

Overheard in the Island Bar: “I only backed it because it looked at me. It was one of those Let It Ride moments.”

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