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Sandown Cup

November 16th, 2013 0 comments

I always look forward to Sandown Cup day. It’s a sort of suburban Cup day. A big crowd because of the abundance of free tickets, but still plenty of room to move. And the weather is usually warm, hot even, with summer on the way. But it was all wrong today. The meeting was held at Caulfield while they dig up the track at Sandown. The weather was still cold. And I got held up by home duties and missed the running of the Cup altogether! It’s hard to recover when you get off to a poor start.

Zipping was trotted out before the Zipping Classic, a race named in his honour as a four-time winner. I wonder – how is the old boy? How is he ageing? Holding up? Or going to the pack like the rest of us dinosaurs? There were no answers because he was covered up in a rug! An advertising opportunity! What is the point? Why present a horse to horsewatchers around the mounting yard if you can’t even see him? And another thing. As previously reported the old tote board is history, but did you know that you can’t even see the replacement tote screen from the mounting yard! What is the club thinking?

A quiet contemplative day. Only one bet on Patricia Dawn in the fourth which managed to get third at $3.00 the place. And a couple of photos. A terrific triple gear combo of Norton bit, cross-over noseband and winkers on Felidea and a near miss on a decent photo of Mister Milton’s bar plates.



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