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Postcard from Flemington

July 22nd, 2017 1 comment

Here it is, the middle of winter, and I’m back at Flemington. I’m spelling, so it will be a brief visit. I’m not here to bet, but to “Meet the Makers” and find out more about the replacement of my racing home, the Island Bar. It will be on the first floor of the new stand with views over the mounting yard. I tried to scribble down some of the words the architect Kristen Whittle used to describe the interior: “traditional tonality and attitude”, “high end interior” with “memorabilia and signage”, a “warm and muted palette” and a “heroic backdrop”. I asked Kristen afterwards if the bar will be an island, but it is joined to a service area, so I guess it is an island with a causeway. One punter asked if the mounting yard will be moved, so that made me sit up and take notice. Amanda, our chairman, replied that the mounting yard will be extended back to the opening of the tunnel! Gosh! That’s a big move. I suggested to Amanda that the plans should be put up on the internet, so you never know, that may happen.

As I was leaving the two-year-olds were coming into the mounting yard for the third race, so I had a brief look from the second floor. The favourite Anchor Bid looked a bit short at $1.05 the place, but from the distance I could see nothing wrong with number 2, Justice Faith. I only had $100 in my wallet, but could not complain when it ran home for second at $2.20. Don’t you hate it when they pay more at fixed odds and you haven’t bothered to get your phone out? At least my eye is still working!

But my eye doesn’t like what it sees though! How are we going to survive the spring!


One Response to “ Postcard from Flemington ”

  1. Laurie says:

    The season’s turning and you should be yearning….

    Hope you haven’t spent the off fretting about things beyond your control such as the fools who manage things for the punters HA!

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