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Moonee Valley Friends of Epworth Race Day

March 31st, 2012 0 comments

Now that my eye has been readjusted I’m seeing Irish martingales everywhere. Two in the first race of the day, on Placement and Fine Calibre. And at last, a half decent photo. When they appear so obvious it makes you wonder how I’ve missed them all this time, but then I tend to be looking at the whole animal and other particular bits of gear rather than the reins. And it’s easy to see how easy they are to miss. There are all those hands, belts, bands, rings, straps and buckles. You can try for yourself in my spot the martingale photos!

Only two bets for the day. Follonica because of those fabulous ear muffs and there was a gale force northerly wind blowing. Horses hate the wind whistling in their ears, and I do too. It creates havoc with my tinnitus. So I suppose it was some sort of sympathy bet. But the muffs didn’t help and Follonica finished fourth of six. And I backed a beautiful Amah Rock, for another fourth. Next start it. But a wretched losing day. My first for some time. I put it down to the wind.

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