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Moonee Valley Epworth Raceday

April 6th, 2013 0 comments

Now that I’m paying more attention to the bridle I keep seeing things that I shouldn’t see. Each raceday there seems to be stuff that doesn’t appear on the official gear list. They are usually fairly minor things, some would say trivial, but it means that I can’t have full confidence in the official list and must still check the horse for myself.


Today I noticed two bit lifters (Purple Storm and King Cotton) and a tongue tie (Honey Flower) not on the list. They are probably fairly benign pieces of gear with little impact on performance, but it’s always nice to know. Honey Flower, a beaten favourite, was late into the yard, and early out onto the track. Purple Storm ended up bleeding for a second time and is now rubbed out for life. King Cotton ran last.



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