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Moonee Valley Cox Plate Preview Day

September 15th, 2012 0 comments

In the first race my attention is immediately drawn to Forget who is sporting the astounding combination of winkers and nose roll. This obviously calls for an early deployment of the camera. You would have to say that this horse’s vision is quite restricted. The horse proceeds to the barrier resisting the jockey. Quite clearly, a horse to forget. And what’s more, it is the favourite, at $2.10 the win and $1.10 the place? You would have to be joking! I would have, should have laid it, but I didn’t. Brain snap. I forgot Forget and became distracted and preoccupied with the terrific appearance of About Square and decided to back it instead. About Square finished a dismal last and Forget just managed third place. You would have to say, a very poor start.


A recovery of sorts with Platelet in the fifth, beautifully relaxed, and a standout at $3.00 the place. Snitzem had the flowerpot in the stall which fills me with dread. That good horse, Weekend Hussler, used to have a flowerpot. I simply don’t trust horses that bite! I think Margaret McDonald still has scars from the Hussler. And then the race I was saving myself for, the mares, but I undid my good work and gave back all my winnings on Booklet, who finished a miserable and pathetic tenth.

I was feeling a bit that way too. I didn’t even make it out to the stalls or the parade ring for the last and collapsed onto the leather lounge in the Octagonal Bar. Second up from a spell. A bit flat. I think I’m still physically and mentally adjusting to life as a horse watcher. And I’ve got a blooming heel spur which is giving me hell and restricting my walking ability. So I went home early and missed the last. It must be the first time in umpteen years that I have left a racetrack when there is a race yet to be run! Things can only improve, third up.


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