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Flemington Western Health Community Raceday

December 10th, 2011 2 comments

The bottomweight in the last race, Applaud The Dame, is listed in the race book gear information as wearing a Kyneton noseband. I haven’t really paid much attention to this uncommon piece of gear, which is quite surprising considering my aversion to the common nose roll and the cross-over noseband. I attempted a few photographs, which is quite tricky with a moving horse and it’s hard to see how it actually works. A quick check of Wikipedia when I get home is quite helpful: “Named for the English town of Kineton, and originating in horse racing  for animals uncontrollable at high speeds, this noseband is often cited as being rather severe. It transfers bit pressure from the rider’s hand to the nose. The Kineton has metal half-rings that pass under the bit, and a leather strap that sits below the bit and over the nose (which it does not encircle) about where a drop noseband would cross. There is no strap to keep the horse’s mouth closed.”

If you look carefully at the second photograph (click on it and then click again to enlarge it!) you will be able to see the half rings. There’s a reasonable picture of one in the Register of Nationally Approved Gear.  The key to quickly distinguishing a Kineton band from a regular noseband seems to be the buckles on each side for adjusting the length of the band.

 There are probably a couple of comments to make. First, we seem to have Ozzified the name in honour of our local Victorian town of Kyneton. The second is that it is mainly used on horses that pull, so that you would have to think that the chances of Applaud The Dame at 300/1 were rather remote.

 All this fussing around meant that I missed a betting opportunity on my favourite class of race, the mares. This was doubly disappointing since I was cashed up for the last with collects on Lonhreign, Token of Honour and At The Heads.

Still, three out of three. Not too bad a day.

2 Responses to “ Flemington Western Health Community Raceday ”

  1. Joe says:

    Hi There,

    On the weekend in syd, I saw Tromso parading with his tongue sticking out about 4 inches. In spite of this perpetual rasberry he was giving the horse watchers, he ran a credible 2nd. This might be a positive sign. Also I noticed that the horses that had to have the assistance of the clerk once the jockey was onboard all went poorly.

  2. Air Presto 6 says:

    Pada suatu hari, Puan Laila tahu bahawa Fathi tidak menyukainya lalu cuba membuat dirinya disenangi oleh anak tirinya itu.”Along terdiam mendengar kata-kata ??”bidas Angah sambil matanya merenung tepat pada Sherry. namun sudah terlambat. Riuh,” aku berpaling sambil memberikan senyuman yang cukup manis untuk lelaki yang aku cukup kagumi itu. “Thanks,“Tapi maafkan kami.Saya meredhai pemergian awak.

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