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Flemington Lightning Stakes Day

February 18th, 2012 0 comments

I spent most of the day trying to photograph bridles and bits. I missed getting a bubble cheeker but managed a half-decent picture of Liveandletdie’s cheeker. Cheekers are most likely positive and certainly didn’t impede Liveandletdie who won the last convincingly. I managed a good shot of Rockpecker’s tongue control bit, but if you don’t know whether the horse is wearing one it is virtually impossible to tell from the bridle. In contrast you can spot the Norton bit from the bridle quite easily and can distinguish the Norton from a bit lifter by the type of attachment. The bit lifter is buckled around the loose rings whereas the Norton bridle attaches directly to the bit. I don’t have enough data yet to decide if the Norton, the bit lifter and the tongue control bit are positive or negative.

I spent so much time looking at bridles that I nearly missed the champ’s race but managed a glimpse of that famous backside. Everyone poo-pooed me when I said I was disappointed that the final sectional wasn’t 10 seconds, but apparently she did run the 600 to 400 in 9.98, so I can’t really complain. And not much punting. I backed Liberty Rock for a strong second in the first at $1.80 and then didn’t butter up again till the last, when I did my dough on Testascana. A losing day. My first for a while. I feel like Hay List.

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