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Flemington Green Fields Raceday

May 5th, 2012 2 comments

I’m feeling quite optimistic as a Dead 5 is still quite bettable and the forecast is for fine with showers over the eastern suburbs and Flemington is clearly in the west. So no raincoat or umbrella. But I’m soon regretting it as the cloud descends in a thick fug and starts drizzling so much that Greg Miles can’t even see the two-year-olds in the first until they’ve run 300 meters. It doesn’t let up for the second and by the third, with the track downgraded to a Slow 6, I’m ready to go home. I don’t have permission to go home so I have to stick it out, not betting, being miserable and cold and wet.


In retrospect my selections weren’t too bad:

1 Epic Choice 9/10
2 Rose In The Glen 2/11 @ $2.60
3 Almodovar 2/9 @ $1.20
4 Dr Nipandtuck 8/10
5 Toned 8/12
6 Playright 2/12 @ $2.50
7 Chieftain Jack 3/13 @ $1.90
8 Charlie’s Queen 4/10

I wouldn’t have bet on Almodovar so I would have had an outlay of $7.00 for a return of $7.00 if I bet every race. So again, just exercising my money. Maybe I should reconsider betting on a Slow 6. Better to go home having exercised your money than simply going home cold and wet with green mould in the wallet.

I took one photo, just to prove I was there.

2 Responses to “ Flemington Green Fields Raceday ”

  1. Andrew Ayers says:

    Hi Geoff, I keep pretty extensive records of my punting performance on a spreadsheet. I always record the track condition so I can detect where certain conditions affect my P/L rate. I record the pentromenter reading in one column and can query on this. Do you check this info? I find my returns become less predictable at a Slow 6 or worse so tend to bet half stake or not at all at that track in those instances.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    no, i don’t record penetrometer in my database. and i don’t use data from wet tracks. i suppose i’ve learnt through experience that horses can look fabulous but it doesn’t help them pick up their feet in the wet. and because i don’t do form i have no way of knowing. so my solution has been to leave it alone.

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