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Flemington Girls’ Day Out

September 8th, 2012 1 comment

It’s good to be back, a bit rusty, and in need of some physical and mental training. And a few weeks early. Often I don’t make it back till the Guineas

The weather is miserable with a piercing wind and strafing showers interrupted by occasional bursts of sunshine. A typical Melbourne spring. I’m not planning much betting action as it always takes a couple of weeks to get my eye in. But I’m interested to lay Mosheen who has been spruiked in the press, but is just back from a throat operation and is wearing the glue on shoes. If it’s less than $2.00 the place I’m going to lay it all day. And Racenet have sent me a horse alert about I’m Jake, who I’ve noted is a possible stringhalt horse.


Mosheen appeared with the glue ons. Some of the newer versions are impossible to detect because they don’t have the tabs on the side of the hoof, but Mosheen’s were quite obvious. A quick check on Betfair showed $2.96 for the lay which was quite a shock when I was expecting the horse to be favourite at $1.50 the place. Clearly, nobody likes the glue ons! The horse finished thirteenth.



And I’m Jake finally arrived but every time he walked past me he picked up his gait. I managed a small video. Stringhalt is a most unusual exaggerated flexion of a hind leg, probably made famous by the Godolphin horse Pugin in the Cup some years back. I’m Jake’s seems to be intermittent and not as pronounced.

I ended up looking at six races and having two bets. Hi Belle and Smokin’ Joey, both old favourites, and both with lovely calm temperaments to cope with the unsettling wind. Hi Belle came steaming home for second at $2.50, but Joey got lost at the back and then blocked for a run, but still came home well. So slightly up for the day. I was a bit tired by the end and my beautifully warm body from Queensland had been chilled to the bone. But as everyone keeps reminding me, it’s better than being in the bin.


One Response to “ Flemington Girls’ Day Out ”

  1. Nick Pinkerton says:

    Welcome back Geoffrey!
    Sp pleased to hear you got back to the track ahead of schedule and in one piece! . The QLD sunshine must have done the trick.
    I am glad you are back doing what you love & I look forward to your weekly posts throughout the spring.

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