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Flemington Christmas Raceday

December 22nd, 2012 0 comments

The boys in the band were there. I’ve always said that I will never tire of hearing White Christmas, but I must say that today my patience was sorely tested. I got there early for the two-year-old but in the end didn’t bet on it. There was a lot of so-called “coltish” behaviour going on. Horses were neighing in their stalls, and calling out in the parade ring and mounting yard. I counted at least two fifth legs, including Midnight Rule. Even the impressive winner Safeguard was sexually aroused. I was looking for the relaxed colt but couldn’t find him, so I left the race alone.

I kept my powder dry until the fourth when I was nearly tempted by a relaxed Riverina’s Girl but eventually gave her the flick. The Soldier led them up and seems to have recovered from his near death experience. A nasty fall after the post and we all froze. In the fifth I was preoccupied with Battles End and his hoof pads which were very hard to photograph for my collection. I passed on my favourite horse Rockpecker in the sixth because he was kicking out in his stall. Looked OK in the yard though. Keep Cool was the omen bet as well as best in the yard in the seventh and I came home with a wet sail on Gig in the last. I quite like summer racing.

All the best for a Cool Yule. I’ll be back, hopefully, in the New Year.


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