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Flemington Black Caviar Lightning Stakes

February 17th, 2018 1 comment

Redzel, the best horse I saw in the spring, looked a standout, lobbing around the yard with his head down. But too short at $1.20 for the place. Terravista looked impressive, a huge hindquarter, and munching on the bit, but kicking out the back; Hey Doc, twisting his neck into the strapper, grabbed by the clerk; Redkirk Warrior, the fittest horse in the yard, two strappers, salivating, and head up; Miss Rock, chewing and two strappers; Formality a clean sheet, but a stallion chain. I was briefly tempted by Miss Rock, but eventually decided it was too hard.

Dr Andrew Clarke, the CEO of Living Legends, the rest home for champion racehorses, had a string of ten horses at the track today! That’s nearly as many as Hayes and Weir, who were struggling to muster a dozen each! I missed them in the mounting yard, but caught them out the back. And there were a few good ones – Brew, Bullish Luck, Efficient, Good Ba Ba (who won $ 9million in Hong Kong!), Malucky Day, Might And Power, Paris Lane, Prince of Penzance, Rogan Josh, and  Silent Witness. Wow! What a parade!


One Response to “ Flemington Black Caviar Lightning Stakes ”

  1. Bruce W says:

    In Sydney, Endless Drama in R6 was the most relaxed in the parade ring and held on like grim death in the lead to win ($1.86 the place). Sasso Corbaro in R8 looked very relaxed but ran poorly after three incidents after the start that left her back in the field (according to stewards), not good for a filly who normally races on the pace. In Melbourne, via my iPhone TV, Invincible Lad in R1 looked relaxed and alert and held on for third at $4.10. Downhearted in R4 looked to have an arched neck, not too pronounced but clear enough I thought. (When the jockey is up, sometimes a horse will arch his neck to accommodate pressure on the reins, but this didn’t appear to be the case.) He led and hung on for third at $2.10. In R8 Redzel was the standout as noted by Geoffrey but he was far too short. A good day and looking forward to the coming Melbourne racing. (I wish a few more visitors to this website would leave some comments. We can all help each other. And those who record and review Melbourne races can use Geoffrey’s comments as free tuition!)

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