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Flemington All-Star Mile

March 16th, 2019 4 comments

A $5 million pop-up race! A lot of hype but it’s hard to get really excited about it. Public voting decides the majority of the field with four wild card entries offered by Racing Victoria. The syndicated owners of some of the donkeys got themselves organised with $90,000 for just turning up! It looks like a prizemoney arms race with Racing NSW is underway.

With so many donkeys it seemed like a good betting opportunity. I thought there were only four horses with a chance – Mystic Journey, Alizee, Hartnell and Grunt. In the yard both the favourites, Mystic Journey and Alizee, looked a bit unsettled with the two strappers and changing stride. Alizee had the red ear muffs to try and calm her down. Hartnell looked stunning, in total control and looking as if he owned the mounting yard. Grunt was gaping with crossed jaws.

So Hartnell was the bet. The pick of the yard. My only bet for the day. A standout if you can forgive the cross-over noseband, and I was in a very forgiving mood. A late surge for second at a very generous $3.10 for the place.

4 Responses to “ Flemington All-Star Mile ”

  1. Trevor Murrells says:

    Geoffrey, was Hartnell wearing the softer version of the cross-over with a white protector at the cross-point? From his record he certainly has some ability which might persuade you to ignore the cross-over particularly if he was the standout. I saw a horse on TV called Bristol De Mai prancing a couple of weeks ago. He was wearing a cross-over (most of them wear them in jumps racing in the UK), he was joint top rated over the distance in the UK (all horses in the race carried the same weight) and finished third at decent place odds. So a bit of class can go a long way!

  2. Geoffrey says:

    I think there might have been some protection at the cross-point, but I can’t be sure, and it is not visible in my photos. I am happy to ignore the cross-over noseband if everything else is perfect.

  3. Trevor Murrells says:

    Geoffrey, that’s a very helpful piece of advice, I’ve been struggling a bit about where to drawn the line with cross-over nosebands.

  4. Geoffrey says:

    And remember the best horse I have ever seen, So You Think, wore a cross-over noseband. I was very forgiving!

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