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Derby Day

October 30th, 2010 0 comments

I tossed and turned all night. Derby Day – the greatest day’s racing on earth – and the forecast is for Armageddon. It’s dry, mild and warm when I get there early. Horses are even sweating up.You Know Who is walking around in the parade ring already, untroubled, and unnoticed by the teeming throng. The rain sets in quickly and by time of the Mackinnon you would describe it as soggy. The champ streets them. We’re all starting to think that he’s a freak and that he’ll have no problem with the distance and the wet on Tuesday.

Two early bets before the rain for a winner and a loser. I’m just exercising my money. And I’m glad I didn’t drive to the track or I’d still be there. This is my fifth anorak day for the spring. Someone even offered to buy it off me after the last! I’d give it away if only the weather would improve.

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