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Cox Plate

October 22nd, 2011 4 comments

Weather science has definitely improved. I was running out the door when I quickly checked the forecast. Rain was predicted for 12 noon, then clearing to be followed by thunderstorms late afternoon. I grabbed the anorak. And right on cue it starts to pour at 12 noon and puts a dampener on the whole day. Not that I get enthused about Moonee Valley and the Cox Plate any more. The club seems to enjoy upsetting its members and the local community with its development plans: a new track, retail and commercial precinct, high rise towers, and a shift to predominantly night racing. There is hardly any value in membership any more with only a handful of day meetings. The club is obviously aware of this and tries to soothe my feelings with a free racebook and drink voucher.

The crowd is going crazy over the exhibition gallop by Black Caviar, but I find it hard to fire up. With only four runners there is no place betting. Not like last year when I managed to back Hot Danish for a good collect for running second to the champ. And I don’t bet on the Cox Plate any more. 5.35 pm? The committee should be lynched. I’m saving myself for Hi Belle in the last, the mares race. The thunderstorm threatens and the lights come on in the mounting yard. The first Cox Pate to be run at night! Pinker Pinker plucks the plate. The thunderstorm arrives on cue and the mares race, listed at 6.20 pm, is postponed. I have my free drink, miss the mares, and head home early. Early but late. Sourpusses need to sleep at night. I see Hi Belle got second.

4 Responses to “ Cox Plate ”

  1. Jazza says:

    G’day Geoff

    Love the blog and never miss it. Is there a followup book on the cards? I’m sure you have many more variables to share!!

    Put me down for a copy.


  2. geoffrey says:

    the answer is probably. i have had a book half written for some time now and i have a heap of interesting new variables. the blog has got me in the mood to start writing again and so the only problem is…… procrastination.

  3. Jazza says:

    Lol, I think we need a few wet Saturdays to keep you off the track and in front of the typewriter!

  4. AJ says:

    My father’s favorite saying springs to mind “Procastination is the thief of time” (meaning you could have written the book in the time it took to sort out the internal debate about whether to start now, later or never” Admittedly people are busy, and customers often demanding, and a book is best written when the author enjoys the whole process! Let’s just hope its not too much longer 🙂

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