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Caulfield Underwood Stakes Day

September 22nd, 2012 0 comments

A beautiful day, fine, mild and sunny. So good that I said goodbye to winter, discarded the long johns, and dusted off the straw hat. And The Missus has been busy fashioning a hoof pad for my poor, sore heel. Spring is in the air. You can tell because the entrance is guarded by two fat ladies and there are scads of people here. Maybe the races should be free every week?

A quiet day out the back, although there must have been 200 people lining the parade ring for the Underwood. Shenzhou Steeds took my eye in the Naturalism with his sucky blanket. Do you remember Linus in Peanuts? The horse just ran out of puff in the finish for fourth. I ended up with a couple of nice collects on Veewap and Molto Bene and a hopeless loser, who shall remain unnamed. But good to be positive. Third up, I think my eye is now officially in. But the body is still a bit battered and I pulled up a bit sore. Might have to try a concussion plate.


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