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Caulfield Privileges Race Day

January 7th, 2012 1 comment

I’m trying to train my eye to look at the horse’s feet – but am finding it very difficult. The main problem is that it doesn’t leave much time to look at everything else, which is probably more important anyway. I’ve become very interested in bar plates since a recent talk with Dennis Kennedy, the MRC farrier. It’s generally recorded in the race book gear information when a horse has bar plates for the first time, but in subsequent runs it doesn’t crack a mention. I’ll probably have to start another list, like I’m doing for the Kineton nose band. Dance Man had the bar plates on today and finished tenth of thirteen in race six. The impressive bandages bedecking Below below the hocks were the only other gear of note. The horse finished ninth of nine.

I backed Eleve in the second and the apprentice jockey J Duffy went for a run that wasn’t there and copped an eight week suspension. The horse should have won by a street. And I had another loser in the last with Token Of Honour, but my honour had been previously saved with the win of Wealthy Lad. The lad left the course happy, but not overly wealthy.

One Response to “ Caulfield Privileges Race Day ”

  1. Hugh says:

    You can get all the gear a horse is wearing from the Racing Victoria website.Not just gear changes.
    You can also search the RISA website by horse to see a list of all gear changes throughout it’s career.
    Hope this helps.

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