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Caulfield Guineas

October 14th, 2023 2 comments

I’ve been in training for a couple of months now. Averaging 7000 steps a day and even betting on mounting yard behaviour on the TV. And at last the time has come, the first day of the Spring Carnival. I’m here early for the first race, but I’m feeling very unstable and wobbly. There is a big crowd in the medallion bar and as I push through and bump into people I feel as if I’m about to fall over. Time to sit down and take stock. I reach into my pocket for my emergency supply of levodopa. This drug is converted into dopamine, the neurotransmitter which is missing from my brain, and by the fifth race I’m ready to enter the fray.

It’s an interesting race with eight runners and two short-priced favourites, Uncommon James and Asfoora, both showing about $1.10 the place. But I like the grey Chain Of Lightning, despite the Moody nose roll, and there are only six horses vying for the third spot. The horse is head-in to the strapper and accepting of the bit. It is a race in two, as the market predicted, with the two favourites streaking away, and a gap to the grey in third place. I was quite happy with $1.80 for the place with a 1.1 multiplier.

In the Guineas the Sydney horse Militarize is out early into the parade ring and has the place all to himself for a good five minutes or so. Wow! Fit! Look at those poverty lines! And relaxed too. No need to look at any more. I try to photograph the lines but fail miserably.

The horse misses the jump and runs on for fifth when it is all over. So much for overseas jockeys! I stay for the last, despite hitting 8000 steps, to check out a couple of my favourites, Pounding, Corner Pocket and Amelia’s Jewel, but it is a large field in a wide open race. And just too hard. So one out of two for the day, just exercising my money. At least it’s a start. Come on spring!

2 Responses to “ Caulfield Guineas ”

  1. Michael McMahon says:

    Great to see you back Geoffrey. Looking forward to your future posts. Keep up the good work.


  2. Laurie says:

    Wot Michael said!

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