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Caulfield Family Day

February 8th, 2014 0 comments

It’s a pity I’m not a kid any more. There was some great stuff to do today. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles emerged from their New York sewer to save us all from the 40 degree heat. And there were tea cup rides for the littlies. And a volcano just waiting to be climbed. How cool is that?

11 am is a wee bit early to get to the track but I was keen to back Chase The Rainbow again. However the horse rocked up to the mounting yard with winkers and a tongue tie which are not part of the horse’s declared gear. The stewards ripped off the orange winkers, which was a relief to us all really. The colour is an assault on the senses. Rick Hore-Lacy argued with them and enquired as to whether they read the Herald Sun. Maybe the horse was listed in the paper as wearing the winkers? Whatever, I’m sure the horse is better off without them. The tongue tie was whipped off at the barrier and the horse was replated after pulling a shoe. With all this drama I decided it best to leave it alone. Chase The Rainbow fought on magnificently to win by a nostril. Rick was fined $200. It all just shows that you don’t need orange winkers!

Maldivian led them out for the main race, the Orr Stakes. Somone asked if I recognised the horse. I confessed that I thought it was a pregnant mare! Maldivian is obviously enjoying life in the top paddock!

Three bets for two placed horses with clean sheets, Marianne and Lumosty, and one loser, Francesco. I was a bit disappointed with Francesco as he looked so relaxed for a two-year-old colt, lobbing along with his head down, but he just ran out of puff over the last 100 metres. But two out of three is not too bad.



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