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Caulfield Easter Cup

April 15th, 2017 0 comments

Every now and then you have one of those good days. And so it was. It didn’t start out too well when I missed Miss Vista’s race, mainly because I was attending to my complaining stomach, but also because of the huge field size. The striking cult horse with the albinism and walleye won in a breeze, well, just held on. I managed to catch up with her after the race. In the next there was plenty to like about Plenty To Like, with the tongue tie, positive strapper, ear flicking and snorting. Plenty to like about the place dividend of $4.60 too. No need to worry about dead-heating for first! In the fifth it all came undone with Moonlover, prancing, head in to a positive strapper, but an overweight jockey. The horse simply didn’t run on and I did my dough. Boom Time in the next looked terrific, but was too short for me at $1.60 and won as it liked. Arch Fire in this race was listed in the gear changes as having “synthetic hoof filler”. This must be a first so I photographed the horse’s feet and I guess it must be the front hooves as the colour of the wall is different!

In the Victoria Handicap Hooked looked a standout with tongue tie, salivating and head in to the strapper. I was very pleased with $2.25 fixed on the tote for the place. And in the Easter Cup I narrowed it down to High Church and Second Bullet. I really wanted to lay the favourite Grey Lion but my Betfair app had frozen so I backed the Bullet instead. Grey Lion was roaring in the parade ring, giving the two strappers a hard time who were tug, tug, tugging, and was sweating up remarkably on a cold day. Did I mention the dump? A lay that got away when it finished last. Still $3 for the Bullet was OK. And in the last race I wasn’t betting but determined to get a photo of the horse that finished last. I pretty much failed but this has to be a trivia question for the future. Name the horse that Greg Miles called last in his last race call. If you look up the results you will see it is Authoritarian. In my poor photo the horse Greg named is covering up Authoritarian on the inside. Three out of four for one of those good, good days.


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