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Caulfield Cup

October 16th, 2010 0 comments

I’m in full winter gear. Long johns, jumper, anorak, gloves and beanie. This is not a day for horse watchers. Horses can look terrific in the yard, but it doesn’t help them if they can’t pick up their feet in the wet. A day for mudlarks.

The track is Heavy 10, but is upgraded before the Cup to Heavy 9, except for a 200 metre section out the back, which is still Heavy 10. Why would the stewards bother? Maybe so that Monaco Consul can wear his pacifiers?


I watch the horses in the parade ring with that fine judge of horse flesh, Les Carlyon. We both agree that the horse which is trained to the minute is Alcopop. And I like a couple of others. Shocking is very relaxed, but still hasn’t fined down (see blog archives: September 4), and Harris Tweed is jumping out of his skin. My final selections are Alcopop, Harris Tweed, Shocking and Herculian Prince. Faint Perfume is sweating up and Monaco Consul has too much gear – a crossover noseband and pacifiers. I’m hoping to lay Faint Perfume, but it’s way over my $2 limit place threshold. So I back Alcopop for a place. It drops out last and runs on around the corner before floundering in the ground. Descarado is a good winner for Gai. The horse had no faults.

Remind me to remind myself: never bet in the wet.

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