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Caulfield Cup

October 21st, 2017 1 comment

There’s a chill in the air and lots of goosebumps. An omen, perhaps. I like to have a go at the trifecta in the big races, but it’s virtually impossible to see them in the mounting yard. I usually end up four deep or find hats and beers in the way. So my selections are mainly based on behaviour in the stalls and parade ring. Boom Time was the first horse I crossed out, because he was kicking in his stall. In hindsight he was obviously keen to go! My final six in order were Marmelo, Amelies Star, Abbey Marie, Ventura Storm, Harlem and Inference.

My place bet was on Marmelo who was alert and relaxed in his stall and came home like a train when it was all over. None of my selections finished in the first four!  Single Gaze was not looking anywhere but flaring her nostrils and showing teeth and Johannes Vermeer and Lord Fandango had the dreaded cross-over noseband. A wipeout! At least I Got a bit back on Gai’s Global Glamour. Now there’s some alliteration!


One Response to “ Caulfield Cup ”

  1. Bruce W says:

    Sydney R2, Sambro was relaxed, head down, held on for 3rd and paid $2.80 a place on BF. Melbourne R4, Cliff’s Edge was dawdling along, head down, won and paid $1.80 a place on BF. R6, another relaxed dawdler Burning Front, head down, ran 2nd at $2.30 a place on BF. R7, Missrock was relaxed and alert, head up, ears pricked, but ran poorly, no comment in stewards’ report. Don’t like big fields so didn’t have a go at the Cup. From Geoffrey’s comments sounds like I did the right thing.

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