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Caulfield Cup

October 16th, 2016 3 comments

A nasty day with a blustery and punishing north wind. Now here’s a question. Which of these three international horses would you back if you were just looking at the body language of the strapper? Scottish, Sir Isaac Newton or Articus?

The answer is of course Scottish! How relaxed is that strapper! Let alone the horse! But I missed on the trifecta. My final six were Preferment, Scottish, Sir Isaac Newton, Almoonqith, Sir John Hawkwood, Jameka and Pemberley. I liked Jameka in the stalls, then crossed her out in the parade ring, then crossed her back in in the yard. Can you cross a horse back in? I had Real Love as a good thing until my apprentice advised that I was looking at the wrong horse! And with the benefit of hindsight I think I included two knights too many! I couldn’t come at Exospheric because of the glue on shoes. But I’m not complaining about the $2.60 for second.



3 Responses to “ Caulfield Cup ”

  1. Bruce from Sydney says:

    From my vantage point at Randwick racecourse in front of the one and only screen showing the Melbourne parade ring I noticed that Scottish was wearing a crossover nose band. He must have had some pretty healthy positives for Geoffrey to override the dreaded XNB negative. I um’d and ah’d over Jameka but finally decided she was tossing her head around too much. Serves me right for hesitating.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Scottish was irresistible in the stalls! I hated Jameka’s head behaviour which is why I was so indecisive but finally put her in at number 6 since there wasn’t anything else compelling!

  3. Allana says:

    Exospheric looked like a beast in the mounting yard, all muscle. The glue on shoes were a negative but had to back him to place on muscle alone.

    Jameka was clearly the one they had to beat on paper.

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