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Caulfield Cup

October 15th, 2011 0 comments

So much to see, where to look. Panhandle has rarely observed pastern protection, which doesn’t seem to stop her doing her block and tossing the jockey in the yard. My first airborne jockey for the season. I suppose at 100/1 it wasn’t much of a chance anyway. And the flowerpot on Sabrage is a worry, especially if you are the strapper. But the horse wins with a strong run from the back.

But it’s the cup horses I’ve come to see and I’m keen to have a good look at the internationals. They seem to be dominating the cup these days. Manighar is occupying himself with a little lip flipping stereotypy, Mighty High is a bit mad and sports ear muffs to prove it, Saptapadi is pawing and showing off his plaited mane, Green Moon is totally at peace with the world, and December Draw has the nose roll and is being saddled, backside out. Lucas Cranach has the bruised foot issue and is sporting bar plates. I manage to fluke a photo! The locals look better. Southern Speed is totally relaxed and Tullamore is fit, relaxed and hand held. My final selections: Southern Speed, Saptapadi, Green Moon, Niwot, Tullamore and Hawk Island. I back Southern Speed for the place and get back what I had given away on two previous races. I leave the track as I entered it, but at least my body and my money has had some exercise. I really should go for a trifecta in these big races.

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