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Caulfield Australia Day Races

January 25th, 2014 0 comments

The 2.25 pm start is ridiculous. Apparently it is an experiment, something to do with increasing turnover, but it must be all off-course money as there is hardly anyone here. They’re all at the beach having a long weekend. I’m not overly fussed as I am concentrating on photography and not too worried about the betting. I managed a decent shot of “elbow”, which is a new variable. This is when the strapper employs her right-hand elbow to apply some pressure to the horse’s neck or shoulder, usually holding on to the leading strap with the same hand. It is often just a precursor to more effort being used to control the horse and the strapper is forced to use two hands. Two hands is already one of my favourite negative variables.

A bit of a panic went around the course when the green screen went up around a hobbling Romancingthestone, just after the finishing post. Fortunately the horse ambulance turned up and the horse managed to be loaded. Here’s hoping the filly can survive.

A bet on the striking grey Chase The Rainbow in the sixth. I hardly ever back Rick Hore-Lacy’s horses as they are often over-aroused. At his first start on Boxing Day Chase The Rainbow was all over the shop, fractious, rearing up, and sporting bar plates. He finished tailed off last. Today he has the concussion plates, much more forgiving, and is prancing. I’m forgiving too and he grabs third at $1.70 in a blanket finish.

5.30 pm. Time to go home. I miss the last two races. What is the club thinking?



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