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Caulfield 26 May 2012

May 26th, 2012 0 comments

It looks like I’ll be a no show. The weather has been violent with 30 mm of rain so the track is sure to be a Heavy 9 or 10. Such a shame since it’s my last day for the season. But the Racing Victoria website lists the track as Slow 6 and the sun is peeping through with no sign of a shower. So I head off with low anticipation and high trepidation. But the times for the first three races aren’t too bad, and so I rate the track on the better side of slow, probably a Dead 5.5. Almost bettable. The drainage for the Caulfield track must be amazing.

In the fourth I cross nearly all of them out. Philda and Johnny Fiasco for cannon bandages, Queen Delight for some other bandage, Johannapine for the cross-over noseband, Beyond Pardon for the pacifiers. Galbraith for madly dumping with the jockey up, Forty Two Below for weaving in the stall. Eight horses and only one left, Alpha Proxima, gently munching on the bit. I back it with zero seconds to go on the tote at my limit of $1.80. The horse falls in by half a nostril, but my bet is savaged and returns only $1.50 for the place. Mr Zelko must still be betting from his tax exile in London.



In the next Reconcentrate’s shaggy coat reminded me that it was all over. No more bets. But nice to go out on a winner. I’m off to the spelling paddock now. See you in the spring.

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