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Betfair Park 3 February 2010

February 4th, 2010 0 comments

I am on a mission. I am only opposing horses today. A test of the new punting paradigm. After all, I am better at picking losers than I am at picking winners. My first goal is simply to keep my betting instrument alive for the whole day, which means my thumb will get a workout on the refresh button. And my second goal is to successfully lay a horse. My first chance is in the second, a 3YO fillies race. I’m logged in nice and early and note that the favourite Depasse is under a strong hold and is resisting the jockey on the track. Into the bar with two minutes to go. A quick scan of the odds and I go for it. A tap on the lay side and the sophisticated betting instrument has a heart attack. The screen goes blank and I get stuck with the download sign, that revolving sun symbol. Frozen! Yikes! And of course Depasse runs like a dog.

Another chance, in the next. Not the favourite, who is very unsettled, but Shining Bullet, dumping all over, struggling strapper. I’m still alive on my betting instrument, and the bullet is showing $2.70 the place. Over my limit, but lay, lay. I’m on but not matched. It’s blowing out, I’m left behind. Revise the bet to $3.00. Unmatched! Blooming flaky markets! The bullet doesn’t fire.

Last chance, Pinatas in the fifth. And I’ve failed in my first goal, to keep my betting instrument alive. Login again. One minute to go. Lay available at $1.67. Take it. Matched. I can’t believe it. I’m on. They jump. Pinatas does nothing. Thank goodness. One out of three horses layed. One out of two goals kicked. Hope the coach picks me next week. I’ve obviously still got a few technical problems to overcome.

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