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Andrew Ramsden Stakes Day

May 16th, 2010 0 comments

I’m only here for five races today. As unlikely as it sounds, sometimes other events take precedence in your life over horse racing. Today is such a day. I have to go to a birthday party – and I love parties! Of the five races I only manage to look at the horses in three. I miss one race trying to photograph Golden Tabby’s marvellous stereotypy, smacking his lips. But the movie function on my camera won’t work properly. I later discover that the “M” setting on the camera means manual, not movie! And I miss another race talking to Ken Fythe, the Stony Creek trainer of Rockpecker. Apparently the stewards listen to Radio 927 and quizzed him about an injury to his horse, and then broadcast the details over the course PA. Important information really – now that you can lay horses.

Lloyd Williams’ imported Cup horses are on show in the sprint race. They both look very good in the mounting yard, led by the usual two strappers. Mourayan is the smaller and lighter of the two, and Alandi, the dual Group 1 winner, is stocky and solid with a deep chest – plenty of room for a large heart! They are very similar in appearance. Both of them are dark bay or brown in colour, with Mourayan more bay and Alandi more brown. And both of them have similar white facial markings – a star and strip – despite having different sires. I couldn’t fault their behaviour. They finish down the track, barely beating the ambulance home, as you would expect for 80/1 chances. But watch out for them in the spring!

Yummy birthday cake

In the end, I didn’t even have a bet. But the party was good. Happy Birthday Amy! Now we are one!

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